Friday, November 18, 2011

happy friday + the muppets are coming!

i can't believe it is already friday!  this week totally got away from me and seemed to zoom by faster than ever.  maybe because thanksgiving is next week? i'm not sure.  but i'm definitely not complaining that tomorrow is saturday, which means i can stay up a little later tonight and sleep a little longer tomorrow. which i think nobody minds that.  not much going on this weekend for us except a few things to look foward to.

i must say i'm so excited for this cinema feature. only if next wednesday would get here!

lots of eating is to be done in the next week or so, but i've always wanted to try this out just once.

decorating, decorating, decorating.  almost finished with the living room, just need a few more of these & a bunch of these. & a bag of these.  its gonna be awesome! will post pictures of my creation.

do some visiting. some reading. and relaxing. and maybe a little shopping. 

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