Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the next chapter of my novel..

over the past several months, husband and i have been keeping a semi-secret. and i have been over the moon about it since we finally made a decision, but just started speaking of it recently on instagram, once the parties affected found out.

i'm gonna be a stay at home mom!  well for the most part. with the ridiculous costs of daycare against my income plus gas, it was not worth it. i have taken a part-time job to help keep me from going totally bonkers plus bring a little extra money so we can still afford life without relying on ramen noodles and hot dogs as food.

it was a very hard decision to make. working eight years in one place gets engrained into you. you have a schedule. you make friendships. but it is bittersweet. getting to spend the majority of moments watching benjamin grow is something i feel extremely blessed to be able to do. it will be a change. but it will be a good change from what i've been accustomed to for so long.

as a mom now, i finally found my reason. its for him.
so a new chapter begins.


  1. Sounds wonderful! You will love spending as much time as possible with your little one, but you will have your part time job to keep you sane! xxx

  2. How exciting!!! 8 years!?! That's a long time to work anywhere these days! You will love working from home though I'm sure and I KNOW you'll love more time with little man!


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