Thursday, March 21, 2013

as pennies become millions....

here lately I have been doing all my blogging from my iPhone. it's a lot easier than trying to use the computer and appease a baby. one of these days I will sit down and blog normally with cutesy links and more pictures that are placed within my post how I like. but for now, iPhone it is.

our little family is under going some changes, which hopefully I will get to divulge in soon when we have all the details ironed out and those close know first. and you sick minded folks, baby number two is not on the way.

but for now, being a new mom and family of three, one whom is growing by the second, have decided to start living more consciously. before Benjamin, we lived just us, easy and carefree. now I find our grocery cart with at least a $25 can of formula and super box of diapers. and if we've had an exceptional week, some shiner bock to celebrate a week of pluses and a couple nights of good rest.

I've suddenly become obsessed with coupons and sales ads. now I'm no extreme couponer, but I strategically plan my menu each week to maximize my dollar. its amazing how much money can be saved by doing just a little work.

with that a new blog segment was born.. budget living and maximizing that dollar. the segment will include great coupon sites, budget friendly recipes, and so much more. I'm hoping someone besides myself will benefit and enjoy this segment as much as me.

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