Wednesday, April 24, 2013

hump day happiness #1

i used to do a weekly post of things i'm happy for. well back then it lasted 3 weeks. this new chapter in my life gives me reason to start it up again, because now that i'm a stay at home mommy who works part time, i've got lots of things to be happy for.

date nights with my boys is one of my favorites! we try to go out and enjoy some yummy food and a drink or two once a week whenever we are both home.  this week though, i've been trying recipes from pinterest. so far so good.  speaking of good - i've got a yummy pasta dish i'll be sharing tomorrow.

all the blooms! since the weather has been nice on the weekends, we've been tidying up flower beds with new pretty flowers, bringing all kinds of color to our landscape.  i'm hoping to find a good patch of bluebonnets around thats not right off a highway so we can take some good pictures of benjamin before he gets his own opinions of flowers and picture taking.

pastries for breakfast..  i decided to whip up the blueberry muffin mix i had stashed away for breakfast this morning. its always nice and refreshing to have a different breakfast awaiting you in the morning than your standard bowl of cereal or cup of yogurt. i need to start doing this more for husband and i.


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