Monday, April 8, 2013

we all left with our pants fitting a little tighter..

this past weekend was one of the most action packed weekends we've had in awhile. mostly because its baseball season again. please pause for a moment of extreme celebration on my part.

the boys went to the game while my sister in law and i played domestic mommies and took the kids to the bounce house place. best fourteen dollars a mother could spend. if you can tolerate a jillion kids running around screaming.

after everyone worked up an appetite, my awesome self requested babes, the most ridiculously, scrumptious home-cooking place on the planet. husband and myself opted for the hugest chicken fried steaks a person has ever seen, while amanda got chicken tenders & my brother went with fried catfish. sides are just there, in huge bowls, all you can eat, with the fluffiest, warmest biscuits this side of the mississippi river. add some honey & the sweetest tea that even mosquitoes would love and you have pure sin.

we all left with our pants fitting a little tighter, our blood sugar a little higher, but our hearts and stomachs full of yumminess and content. oh and my brother only wore the most fitting shirt for the occasion; well except they dont serve any bacon.

do anything exciting this past weekend?

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  1. Such beautiful words about a meal... Love it! haha


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