Thursday, April 4, 2013

have you seen these apps?

basically, i'm addicted to my smart phone. its attached to my hip all the time & i go into sheer panic mode when i cant find it. first world problem i know. since having benjamin i have found & been introduced to several apps that i absolutely love and think you would too.


Create posters with your own photos, text & share them with friends directly via all your major social media apps. I'm sure I could waste a million hours on this app and the next one.

Color Schemer:

Make your own color palettes! Use a photo for inspiration or just create willy nilly.   And if you dont have a clue of what you like, visit this awesome site for already created schemes.  Here's a couple of their schemes I thought about using for inspiration when we start painting the house (inside of course):

Key Ring:

Got a million loyalty cards on that key ring? This app lets you keep all your cards in one place, besides your key ring.  Just capture the barcode on each and viola its on your app key ring! Bonus, they offer specials & coupons through that app. Sweet!

All Recipes:

You may already know of this one because of their awesome website, but this app is the complete site on your phone. They even feature a "dinner spinner." Tell then what kind of food you want, what you want in it, how quick it takes and sha-bam, a bunch of recipes at your fingertips.

What are some you favorite apps out there?

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