Tuesday, April 9, 2013

letting my artistic side soar

my brain is something vicious. not in a bad way. in a creative way. i'm the type of person who can envision a million little artsy things but then i have a hard time committing myself to making them. when we moved into our home, i was pretty much already pregnant, so doing anything wasn't on my list of fun things for the first ten months of home ownership. so now that i'm not pregnant & more energized, i'm changing my ways. i'm crafting. like crazy.

and my crafting will follow along the lines of my budgeting series (that i have started, yet not posted on yet), using lots of recycling, upcycling & using whats lying around the house. well except for the house painting. gotta get new paint for that. i've got quite the list of things to do with even a few quick tips and tricks for your household. things that are coming up:

  • a magnetic chalkboard for benjamin 
  • a foyer photo wall
  • storing those nasty yard shoes so they aren't in your way
  • an Eiffel tower for your garden
  • pallet garden
  • painting our house (the before and after) 

*image above is something i created myself.  please do not take without proper permissions or approval.*

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  1. Sounds like lots of interesting projects in the works! Looking forward to hearing all about them!


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