Tuesday, April 23, 2013

life made simple: get those nasty yard shoes off the garage floor

between my husband's slight OCD and my new mommy given OCD, we are pretty good at find quick fix it solutions to make our lives & home more manageable. our garage is no different - given the fact that we park both my civic and his truck in it, we need all the extra space we can get

one problem spot: our yard shoes. we do alot of yard work so we each have a pair that always stay out there, and we were constantly tripping up on them or piling them up on a shelf. 

solution: hang them! it was totally easy and simple and everyone has the materials required, making it a budget friendly solution. this may be a total no-brainer for some of you, but for me its ingenious! 

tools: hammer, 2 nails per pair of shoes & a wall space

hammer nails decent width apart to ensure shoes wont bump.

and hang. seriously.
viola! shoes are off the floor & you have a little more space for better things like potting soil & paint.

got any life made simple tips you would like to share?

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  1. I like it! We don't have a garage so our yard shoes end up in the laundry room... But I'm loving this idea anyway.
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely


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