Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 365

So I have decided I'm not very good at this Project 365 thing - maybe its because I was on vacation last week, and not motivated to take a single picture, I'm not sure...  but I can tell you this I have 4 pictures taken of what should be 12.  Meh I suck - but I will pick up the pace..  Now that I'm back into the regular routine of work, nights with my love and simple weekends, this should be easier to maintain.  And who says I can't be a little slacking in the photo department every now and again.

Here's to the first semi-week of picture taking!

1/365 Homeade tostadas are one of Damon and I's favorite meals - and what better way to start a picture project than with a picture of your favorite meal?

2/365 Getting all my work done before I can go on my Thanksgiving vacation - containers always on the move.  Japan and China specfically always have major freight moving.

3/365 The out of office message - nothing better than being able to put this up on a Friday afternoon.

4/365 Damon and I at ICE!   It was sooooooo cold - but then in Texas a nice chill is always welcome.   I will do a full post on ICE! here soon.

Til then, Cheers!

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  1. love seeing these pictures girly...keep em coming, i'm excited to see much more!!

    hope you had a lovely holday ♥


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