Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Is My Tuesday.....

This week's "This Is My Tuesday" theme is >>> HAPPINESS 

Happiness, especially during this time of year, isn't hard to come by.  I mean food, ALL KINDS OF FOOD, for the holidays, shopping, CHRISTMAS lights, all the holiday music.  Seriously, if those things can't make a person smile, I don't know what can.

Thanks to Red-Boots, I have a really hard time deciding week to week which picture will be the "lucky" winner and be selected for display.  So many simple things make me happy.. Real simple things, thus my picture below, explain how simple my happiness can be to achieve.  

Yep, you saw it.  Diet Coke! No hidden message here..  I can be in the grouchiest mood and give me Diet Coke, and whammo, whole  NEW  Bethani!  Ask Damon, he will tell you -its like magic or something!



  1. It's the simple things that bring you happiness, in this case it was just really hard choosing just one:)

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have so many things that make you happy you can't pick just one? I'm a Diet Pepsi gal myself, but I'm also partial to Coke Zero. :-)

  3. This made me smile alot! It makes me very happy too! x

  4. ♥ love this happy little post. i just posted something yesterday about a new project i am starting for 2011 called the happiness project...i invite everyone to participate...it might be right up your alley! :)


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