Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project 365

Here lately I have found myself stubbling over so many interesting blogs, with so many lovely photos of places in the world I would love to one day visit, things I wish America - well Texas anyway could appreciate, and amazing amounts of food.  Oy vey!   Red-Boots & Recent Treats have both been taking part in this project, and after doing a quick search about the popularity of this project on Bing, I realized its more popular and common than I thought. - they call it Project 365.  EVERYDAY no matter what - you have a picture of something.  Pictures are posted week by week, until you find yourself with a history of sorts over the past 365 days capturing all that life holds in the cutest little snapshots a camera can possibly take.. 

So I told myself while my latest browsing of weekly photos, "hey! this is an awesome project!" So here I am - committing to something else. Making all these resolutions and goals for myself and it is not even New Years yet.  Hopefully, I can commit to it, capturing all that life has to hold every day.

Wish me luck!


  1. i think project 365 is a lovely idea and i think i may work on something like this myself for 2011♥ so happy to have found you...i'm excited to see where this project takes you.

    have a magical day!!

  2. Aww, thanks! Good luck with it! It's a lot of fun - kind of like a scrapbook! I started mine on my 29th birthday, as a way of remembering my last year of my 20's. Ten weeks into it so far!

    Can't wait to see your first photos!



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