Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody"

-Samuel Pepys

cupcakes are so amazingly delicious - they make anything beter

mmmmm homeade buttercream is the BEST!

Since moving out of my parents home and then my grandparents home (yea long story there) and moving in with Damon, the love of my life, I have grown to have this amazing and wonderful obsession with baking, cooking and all things food.  I have this crazy sense of madness when I get in the kitchen - I'm always the one who has to be touching the pots and pans, mixing, cooking, everything.  Ask Damon - I'm a phene for being the one in control of the kitchen.. It probably drives him up the wall, because I have a hard time giving up control in the kitchen - even on nights where he tells me he's cooking I have a very hard time letting him.  Is this a BAD thing??

And since then, if you are a loyal reader and saw my post about Mrs. Paula Deen, you will find I'm reading her book.  Doesn't make my so called Kitchen Problem any better.... I was born to be in the kitchen! I was born to cook!  I live for it!  I am a younger version of Paula, I'm convinced.

Its my dream, my goal, my aspirations to be like Paula - and be known for cooking..  I want people to enjoy my food, LOVE my food even.   It's just getting there that's the hard part.  I tell myself over and over again that I can do this - but my mind always gets the best of me and convinces me that I shouldn't waste my time...  Where would I find the money to get started? Where would I find that person that believes in me and invests in me? I think its quite possible that I'm just off in one of my crazy little worlds that I go so often.  

I just don't want to grow up wishing and regretting what that I would have done more or done what I wanted to do - I want to grow up knowing I've fufilled that dream - cooking, baking and pleasing everyone's taste buds...

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