Monday, November 1, 2010

"Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble."

 - Shakespeare "Macbeth

Happy belated Halloween everyone!  Its hard to do on time Holiday posts without a home computer - I know I'm sitting in cave man days.  I just havent had the urge to get a computer for the home yet.

Over the ghoulish weekend, Grapevine puts on a few different Halloween activities for families to participate in.  Last year was our first year to participate in the Halloween on Main Street - the kids loved it last year, so we figured we would repeat and go again this year.  This year there were TONS and I mean TONS of kids everywhere - it was very difficult if you went in a large group to stay together, so we just stayed in with our little group, rather than trying to meet up and wander with everyone - it just wasnt going to work out.  

The kids had a good time - Grapevine has trick or treating down main street at the stores and resteraunts, free games, free kettle corn, bounce houses, those blow-up obstacle courses, hay bale mazes, etc for the kids to do - enough that they never got bored.  Emilee particularly liked the blow up slides.   She is very brave for two..

They managed to find the mobile Ice Cream/Sno-Cone Truck

Emilee loves sharing with Damon - they are best buds!

My absolute favorite picture of her EVER! She never smiles and this one melts my heart  <3

Spongebob Ice cream and Coke Sno Cones for Halloween of all things!

I've also done some more baking!!!   I FINALLY got around to making the black bottom goat cheese cupcakes I have been talking about... 

courtesy - cupcake project

I would have taken pictures had they lasted - swooped up like buzzards on fresh road kill.  Will have to remake these bad boys!

Happy Bloggin & Let's Go Rangers!

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  1. heheh spongebob ice cream. that is so super silly.


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