Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is my Tuesday...

This week's "This is my Tuesday" is >>>> FAMILY

Over at the blog of Red Boots, on Tuesdays she throws out a "theme" to post pictures about.  I told myself I was participating this week and for weeks to come. So CHEERS to the first "This is MY Tuesday!"

I found it very difficult to select one picture as most of all my family pictures typically are my favorites, because they are usually the ones full of fun memories and moments of nonstop laughter.

But I finally managed to settle on a picture.....

Left to Right:  Damon, Mom, Dad

This picture was taken this year at the Halloween on Main Street.  I selected this picture because it contains three of the most important people for my existence.  My Mom and Dad are pretty self explanatory coming to my existence without the creeping oogey images coming back to forever haunt me.   And then Damon.. Oh my Damon - he is what you consider my new family, the new chapter to my life- the one I'm gonna have my own little family with, which I'm forever excited about.  Basically without these three people, Bethani wouldn't be Bethani.



  1. Ohh honey I love this post. I love you sooo much. You are the reason I am who I am today and without you I am nothing.

  2. I love this, and I especially love how Damon has come on here and posted the sweetest follow up comment!

    Thanks for taking part Bethani - CHEERS!!


    ps: I find it difficult just to pick one photo too!!

  3. So beautiful and lovely words about your family!


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