Monday, October 25, 2010

"originality is....a by-product of sincerity"

-marianne moore

Thanks Marianne for that little thought of wisdom from my Real Simple magazine spine. 

This past weekend, we somehow managed to get lots accomplished, all the while on the scavenger hunt of a lifetime for a stinkin' ALCS Champions Shirt - little luck as we didnt find one ANYWHERE that would fit Damon or I due to all our lovely fairweather/bandwagon fans.  Nothing is a bigger peeve than someone liking something only when its "the thing" to like whether because its "hot" or "they won" etc.  Ticks me and Damon off alot - more him than me.

No moment feels greater than watching "A-Hole" striking out for the 3rd out to give us the ALCS Champion.  Thank you A-Rod/Yankees for giving us our one way ticket to the World Series.  *side note*  we weren't there sadly - pictures are courtesy a zoom lens and a big screen tv

While the game was taking place, we decided it was time to carve pumpkins.. I'm apparently a horrible pumpkin carver..  If it werent for Damon and my brother we would have just had huge holes in the sides of pumpkins.


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  1. yay punkin carving!! why is it SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT LOOKS? it is seriously so difficult to do well! yours turned out very cute though!!


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