Monday, October 18, 2010

pumpkins and gourds are the epitome of happiness

This weekend was quite an eventful one - or so it seems to me.   And besides the flu shot making my whole body ache for the two days - it was a wonderful wonderful weekend..

Friday night, I went and grabbed the items I needed for pasta salad and the cooking began.  I managed to make pasta salad and homeade oreos in one night... I felt so proud that I was that productive for once.  Its usually that I can accomplish one new recipe a week (whether it goes good or bad), but two recipes in one night?!  I will be posting the receipes to Pasta Salad and Homeade Oreos in a short bit - which will also contain hyperlinks to them in this blog.  Bare with..

Saturday morning we got up, packed our bag and headed the Arboretum..  It was a PERFECT day for picnicing..  I'm always down for a picnic and I love that Damon does too.  :) 

He's such a trooper!

I managed to snap this - and its one of the best all day! <3

We also decided it would be a good day to take the Robert and Emilee to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and burn off some steam.

Emilee refused to wear sunglasses to block her eyes, so thus the shadow (Damon's arm blocking it)

I love gourds.. Apparently so does Emilee..  Of all the pumpkins she picked, she picked a spikey, warty gourd.   Thats my niece!  The green "Swan Necks" are my favorite..

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