Monday, October 11, 2010

fall is in - so are the allergies

Recently, Autumn decided to drop in and stay for awhile... Dont get me wrong, I love Autumn..  Leaves rustling, the colors, the smells, the nice chill in the air.  Pumpkins, cider, cinammon.  You get the picture.  Along with the joys of Autumn are the allergies.. I'm a fall allergy sufferer amongst many others...  Suffering from the congestion, sneezing, and itchy throat, I couldnt hope more for a "good freeze" than anything right now.   Just kill that crap off and let us less fortunate allergy sufferers breathe in peace.  :)

Enough with my rant to mother nature, Damon and I bought a new camera for ourselves.   Mine decided to go to camera heaven months back so we had to suffer through those disposals.  I said enough was enough, and we got our a Canon to capture the memories to be had and shared.   Sadly, our first camera time was spent taking pictures of the car accident we were in :(   alls okay - no one was hurt, well his truck and their SUV but that can be fixed.  

I'm making it a goal to start blogging more pictures, once we get them together, so those that read regularly (maybe 1 or 2) can enjoy them.

We also got our engagement pictures taken - and should have the prints and our cd with all our pictures in about 2 weeks, so I will share those then as well..

Love you all and hope you are enjoying Autumn!

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