Monday, March 9, 2009

bubble wrap is ready, car ALREADY packed

note uno: in a nut shell, I will be moving in with Damon when the house is completed (which should be mid-July)its gotten to where I stay the majority at his place now anyway so mom and grandma have basically given me the go ahead to move in with him in various ways, some subtle and some not so subtle. now whether i have their blessing is a different story.

Grandma- basically told Damon a few weekends ago (like the 3rd time she's seen him) that he could box me up and take me whenever he wanted to. (Not so subtle if you ask me.)

Mom-told me since I'm spending all my time there anyway might as well stop traveling back and forth.

I am living with Damon now I guess you could say.. An attempt to just "run" home and grab some tennis shoes landed me in conversation with my mom about how I just need to go ahead and move in now basically. So I guess I did. Oh well. I'm more at ease out there anyway.

note dos: Mom tore her ACL and PCL on her right knee the day Grandpa died (talk about good timing huh?) Anyhow, she was supposed to go meet with her ortho doc today to get the read of her MRI (I've learned its never good when they ask you to come in to hear the results of something like that.) From the looks of her knee and the pain she is dealing with, I'm sure surgery is in the near future. scratched

The CAT scan just showed that she had tore her PCL and with appropriate therapy and exercise, it will heal in no time. No knives/scapels necessary. Thank God!

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