Friday, March 20, 2009

as plants bloom..

Google decided to ring in the first day of Spring using the very iconic Very Hungry Catepillar and I must say they did an excellent job. It totally made my day logging on this morning when I got to work at the wee hours of 630am and seeing him on my homepage.

Spring is one of my most favorite times of years besides Fall. Its those perfect days of 70-80 degrees with clear skies, well maybe a cloud or two and the perfect amount of wind. The yards are perfectly green, the plants are blooming and the birds chirping.. I live for this kind of day!

This weekend we plan on doing the FW Botanical Gardens since the weather should be fabulous. I can't wait; I haven't been there in forever. Plus its free, minus the Japanese Garden ($3.50) and the Conservatory ($1), still which aren't terribly expensive if we must do those too. I plan on packing a little picnic style lunch, so I am very excited about tomorrow and just enjoying my weekend with Damon and the absolutely wonderful weather that God is bringing to us this weekend.

Hopefully I can get some good pictures too :)

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