Monday, September 26, 2011

little notes

dear cheescake factory,
your ultimate red velvet cheesecake is like heaven.  my waistline is thanking you, even though it probably shouldn't be.

dear mother nature,
umm hello... its fall.. it has been since friday... why doesn't it feel like it yet?  this impatient girl is definitely getting impatient waiting for the temps to cool off.

dear husband,
sorry for freaking out in the department store yesterday and having a meltdown in the truck. its things like the ultimate red velvet cheesecake that keep me from feeling my hottest. thank you for loving me always. i love you.

dear state fair of texas,
you start friday.  i can't wait for our annual visit!

dear texas rangers,
you clinched the division again.  thank you!  baseball will last just alittle longer for me this year.

dear primetime television,
i love you probably more than i should.  but thank you for being a regular staple in my evening activities again. you surely did not disappoint last week and i hope you dont this week either or for many weeks to come.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on almost everything. Especially the cheesecake, horrible muggy heat in the "fall" and prime time t.v. I am super excited to watch Boardwalk Empire with the hubs tonight.

  2. Stopping by from mingle monday. Your post is quite amusing...but has also made me hungry for cheesecake. thanks :)

  3. I'm with you on the prime time TV. So excited that there are new shows!


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