Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fall is upon us.

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I'm so glad September is here.  With September comes Autumn (or fall, however you prefer your seasons.) And that means no more weeks and weeks of 100+ degree temperatures, sweating just walking to your car & ridiculous AC bills.  I must admit, Autumn is my favorite time of year, by far.  Apple crisps, the smells, the briskness in the air.

Along with cooler weather, it gives me an opprotunity to cook more things in my crock pot such as stews and soups.  Summer just isnt soup/stew friendly.. I mean you can cook and eat it all your want, but theres something about cooler weather and a hot bowl of stew waiting to be eaten.  I'm ready to make some beef stew like the picture above to enjoy on a nice chilly evening with the dear mister.


  1. I love Autumn too! I'm so glad it's finally starting to cool off! You should stop by today to see the challenge I am posting! ;)

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn too, why ? because it means winter is coming, there is something refreshing, cleansing about the snow and the cooler weather, i love autumn shopping and hot cocoa and LOVE soup! [:
    and the changing leaves [:


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