Wednesday, September 21, 2011

its nothing to brag about...

but here lately, i'm feeling less than motivated.  about everything.

and i dont know why....
maybe its just, i love spending time snuggling with the husband.
 and being lazy watching tv and staying warm.
and i wish i was doing that instead.

maybe i should try baking something.. that usually helps.


when i get home perhaps from the in-laws.
its family dinner night.
on the menu:
mexican food.
accompanied with the season opener of criminal minds.
i think this is my favorite show. ever! 
i cant wait.

*p.s. did i mention fall is arriving soon! friday to be exact. and i couldnt be happier*

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  1. The premier of Criminal Minds looks crazy! I haven't really been a loyal fan, but I did catch the last few last season! Excited too!


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