Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fields of color

one of the days while we honeymooned in Texas Hill Country, we headed to Wild Seed Farms to explore.

driving into Fredericksburg, I told husband we HAD to visit. 

it was an absolutely gorgeous place, and i recommend anyone who has the opportunity, to stop by & pay them a visit.  during certain months, they do picnics in the fields with live music.  so jealous we couldn't partake in this, but maybe one day soon, the husband and i can venture down to Hill Country with some friends for a little weekend adventure and maybe just maybe we can picnic in the fields. 

more to come from Fredericksburg.  still lots of places to share with you. 


  1. Love the Rangers shirt!! Happy to meet another Rangers fan. I'm hoping we can go all the way to the World Series again!!


  2. LOVE the hill county. Kinda wish we would have moved there instead. lol.


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