Monday, September 19, 2011

chicken & coffee

This weekend was one of those weekends were you look back and you go "ah!" for several reasons!

a.) we got rain! it was wonderful in every way!  from it cooling us off to putting a nice coat of wet on everything, we couldnt have been more thrilled.  if your not from the area, you dont realize how much we needed this.  i mean we still need a LOT more rain, but we will take everything we can get at this point to help with our extreme drought situation.

b.) staycation! the mister and i made a spontaneous decision on saturday night (after a wild dinner with his father) that we were going to spend the night away from home, just for a nice evening of r&r away from it all.  so we booked us a room down the way (far enough to be outside grapevine, but close enough to home).  it was spectacular! it was nice just to get away from it all, even if it was for one night. 

c.) random acts of kindness! my mom had a tough weekend - she put our dear beloved dog down on saturday (he was 21 and his age had for sure caught up with him), so we went and spent part of sunday with  her and my dad.  the brother and his family along with my grandma decided to join the fun as well.  the mister and i venutred with my mom to half price books and run a few other errands, before stopping and picking up lunch for everyone on the way home. we decided to go in (since we were ordering for nine) and the line was crazy, but decided to wait anyway.  we got to the cashier, ordered our food, and proceeded to pay. our order had to easily be $50.  as my mom opens her wallet to fumble for her debit card, the cashier tells us that our lunch had been taken care of.  WHAT?! total shock overcame our faces.  "How?!," my mother asked.  I mean nothing happened and balloons didnt fall from the ceiling signifying we were number 1,000,000 in line.  and Ashton Kutcher didnt appear.   The cashier told us that a generous act of kindness took care of our meal.  my mom quickly figured who it was and quickly told the man it wasn't necessary.. i mean $50 dollars can be alot in today's ecomony.  and the gentleman told us, "dont worry about it.  I make an effort once a week or so to take care of someone. and today you're it, but you must pass on the act.  my mom proceeded to handle the man's order behind us.  we werent sure if the blessing continued yesterday. 

but then i woke up this morning and still felt the need to give back to someone else.   as i pulled through the starbucks line this morning, i knew this was my chance today.   my order came to $4.28 (its the same everytime, so it was no surprise.) at that moment no one was behind me so i felt let down that i couldnt pass on the kindess. i pull to the window and still had the urge. i asked the barista at the window if anyone happened to be behind me. she said "yes there is, but he's ordering." i told her "i got this one."  that was my moment.  it may not be $50 dollars worth of chicken, but the simplest thing of buying a cup of coffee, could tremendously make someone's morning. i hope the receiver enjoyed their morning joe, and passes on the act somehow someway to someone who least expects it. i also pass on this challenge to everyone else.   help someone out.  treat a total stranger to lunch or coffee.  you never know what kind of day someone is having or how badly they may need that act of kindness.  a little goes a long way.


  1. That's fantastic!! I love it :) I think random acts of kindness are fabulous!

  2. absolutely loved this :) first, RAIN! oh rain makes me so happy...reminds me of home back in Washington :) And your mini getaway! *cheers* to that! and then that wonderful random act of kindness you received, how awesome is that!? :) and you passed it on...twice. put a big smile on my face :)

    thank you so much bethani for your sweet note on the post with our exciting news! :)


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