Wednesday, September 30, 2009

killers and cake batter

I'm so glad that sweeps week is over and now the TV series have started again with new shows. I was getting utterly sick of reruns. And OnDemand only updates so many times a month. Damon and I have a ridiculous (or so it seems to me) amount of shows that we watch on a "regular" basis.

How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
MNF (Monday Night Football)
The Closer
NCIS (The REAL one, not the LA)
So You Think You Can Dance (I love this show for some reason, bc i can't "dance")
Hell's Kitchen
Addicted to Beauty (Oxygen)
Criminal Minds
Modern Family (New Series)
Thursday:(by far our busiest)
Grey's Anatomy
Flash Forward (New Series, kinda like lost)
Project Runway (mine)
I must say our DVR records always always. Because when we aren't watching a regular, NFL network is on or a football game. I used to hardly ever watch TV, but now it consumes my life.
I tried the Triple Chocolate Bliss cake last night. MMM its sooo chocolately and delicious. Perfect for the non-committed and even committed chocoholics.

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