Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ancho chiles and stitches

so since my last real "in depth" post about the happenings of mine and Damon's lives, many things have happened that I guess could be considered newsworthy material.

Baby cat Camille came home today from the vet. Damon picked her up this morning so I have yet to see her. She got all the typical baby cat things accomplished this last visit (spay, declaw, boosters, microchip, etc) It was very quiet around the house without her and I think the boys missed her dearly, but probably would never admit it.


I finally broke down and spent money on a bundt pan. Yes yes I know every REAL baker has one, but up to that point I didn't and kept talking about getting one, but hadnt. So now I have one and the first lovely recipe going in it is....

triple chocolate bliss cake


I also am going to make the Spicy Tortilla Soup out of my Food Network magazine. Yum yum, I can't wait for the turn out.

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