Thursday, October 22, 2009

i apologize

i haven't blogged in sometime. i know, i'm a bad bad blogger. anyhow many things have taken place since we last spoke.
I got the flu last week, i think. I just know I was REALLY sick, and I never get sick. So maybe I'm good for a while *knock on wood* After I was done, it was Damon's turn. So hopefully we are both through for the season.

Baby cat is totally back to her normal, hyper, unusual self.

I finally tried the Spicy Tortilla soup recipe. It was good, not my best, but it was good. Will try it again for sure.

Halloween is among us and decorating I think it near its cap in our apartment. Not quite Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, but its enough for us. Just need a popcorn ball and caramel apple and I'm good.

I've got a super important training class for work next Monday-Wednesday. Wish me luck, my job counts on it.

I'm starting to watch more football and actually understanding and enjoying. Has it really happened? Have I actually converted? It scares me, because I never have ever been a football person. Go Cowboys!

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