Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Call me old, but these are a few of my babies

Yes that's right. I'm 24 years young and I collect antique tea cups and saucers... Here's just a few that I have, or what I've snapped pictures of here lately out of boredom.

The one about is from a German Cruise ship back in the 50's I believe.

Above: My dad got me this one in Louisiana.

Above: The one on the left I acquire from an antique mall and the one on the right from my mother for Christmas
Above: The one on the left is another antique store buy and the right another gift from my mother..
PS I have another 6 or so in my room that I dont have pictures of yet, but will post when I do. Then I am inheriting all my grandparents tea cups and saucers, which is another like 15-20.. Hopefully I will have pictures of them soon too!

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