Thursday, February 19, 2009

b & d

life is simple. life is great. life is perfect. ♥

Valentine's day was absolutely wonderful this year. Damon got me a Love Knot ring and a pair of matching earrings(heart love knots), both of which I love love love! I havent worn anything else since, and I am a bit of an earringaholic, but these I LOVE! I can't say that enough. The ring is matchingly (is that even a word) perfect! Its an "I'm not going anywhere, and when my house is built, want you to live with me" kind of ring. Both of which make me extremely happy. No guy has ever made this happy before in my life. :) I in return made he a little "goodie basket." It had Max Payne (his man crush is Mark Wahlburg,) a B & N Book Card, homeade suckers, homeade cookies, candy, and a jar containing all kinds of little "love" quotes and little things about us that I love. Its funny to think about our relationship being this far along this soon, but everything about us feels totally perfect and nothing could be better in this world. Everytime in the past I always had this gut feeling that kept me from having perfect with anyone. And now I dont with him. Its WONDERFUL!

Construction on the house starts in April and should be finished in the middle of July. (Its approx an 84 day process) I think I may be more excited than he is. Its going to be an absolutely beautiful house! He is letting me decorate the inside, and you know a girl + decorating = getting to shop = MUCHO FUN!

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